Friday, December 23, 2005

WOW what happened in December?

Wow finally I've made it back to doing my blog :)

This month has just been sooooo hectic. I think that expression on my face says it all LOL! (Thanks for capturing that moment Holly). We had some big up and down moments at home at the start of December that have sorted themselves out and finally the house finally has a good structure between work, school and play.

Mark and I got to go away for the weekend by our selves which was just bliss, thanks Mum and Dad for taking the 4 off our hands. We had a weekend of lounging around, eating out for all of our meals, going for a run together which we have not done in 7 years, and shopping!!! It was so nice to be able to get back to where we were before we had kids. We also took some time to refocus on our goals for the family and our business.

Work wise has been a mixture of quiet and busy. We had a heap of marketing brochures done up so I have been busy sending out info packs, visiting Estate Agents etc etc as well as trying to get the desk cleared so we can take a guilt free family holiday together in the first week of January. Worst time as everyone else will be on holiday, but the best time to shut shop as no one will be expecting us to be seriously working in that week.

Each weekend we have made a point of taking the kids somewhere together as a family. We've all been to singing lessons together, Over to Settlers Cove at Redcliffe, The CSC Fitness Centre, Looking at Lights, Trip to town, Skiing at the Dam & Lots of Barbecues :).

And finally this month I have had play rehearsals & movie rehearsals. I'll try to get some photos of that to post next month when we are shooting the film.