Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lest We Forget

To all of you that have loved ones serving in our armed forces my thoughts and prayers go out to all of you for their safe return. To our diggers who have served and are serving thank you and God Bless. Don't forget our ANZAC spirit and be proud to be Australian!

I can finally reveal more about my guest DT position. It is with Scrap Needs. The wonderful Kell owner of Scrap Needs has had a fantastic Ideas Center on the site and will now be offering a newsletter. The first one will be out in May. I will be doing some Layouts and BTP projects for the June Newsletter. May's Newsletter will be full of wonderful work from the talented Chris Millar, Roz James, Mishell Lancette & Jen Hall plus another guest DT. So get over to the Scrap Needs website and create an account so you can get your hands on a newsletter (top left corner click on the 'log on'). Also online classes & kits are also coming up and revealed in the Newsletter. DON'T MISS OUT!!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

We're alive, all is good!!

We had the night from hell on Thursday and lived to tell the tale. I will not go into the gorey details, but will leave it as 2 adults, 4 kids no one spared from the vomit gremlin, yep that all ads up to one night I choose not to revisit!!! This picture sums up our thoughts on the night LOL.

Sickness in the house does have some advantages, kids laying around chilling out giving Mum lots of scrapping time. Is that bad addicted scrapping lady talk going on there, taking advantage of unwell kids like that? So here is the latest creation.

The title is on a flap of cardstock that lifts up to reveal journaling that says "Mr Mickey you delight us so much when you call out "What you say?" Daddy & I now always say this instead of pardon. You even have the girls saying it too! you continue to delight us with other funny things you say, such as Excabaytor=Excavator, Cucumback=Cucumber, Choke=vomit, Bomince=Taco mince & silly dodo & Kongkong"

So I'm now on a mission to break the world record for folding laundry. Why I let it pile up is beyond me, but this way I put on a DVD and Mark helps, gotta suck those fellas into housework somehow. Oh and I have resupplied the chocolate stash & hey after you hurl all your stomach contents up does that mean you can have double the chocolate allowance because non of Thursday's eating counts? I think so!!

Thanks again for all the lovely comment and stopping by. BIG HUGS!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Exciting things

Okay some wonderful things happening in my life right now.

Firstly one of my goals is on its way I hope. I have been offered a guest DT position!!!! So far it's a little hush hush, but next week I'll be able to share all the details, that's just a little too exciting for me.

The other one is about the movie I'm in, Sweet FA I will have to quote the wise Mick for this one. "I had a suspicious phone call form the AFC asking about what we were spending, our equipment etc. I have since found out they wanted the info because we are being featured in promotional material for the Cannes Film Festival". So cool for the guys doing the movie as they are working so hard and completely funding this themselves to get some recognition in the film industry. Let's hope the end result is a pretty cool movie :) Check out their site here awesomely-awesome .

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Schools In!!!

Well it's back to heads down tails up. After a great Easter break we are back into the routine. Amazing how much cleaner the kitchen stays when we're not all slacking off LOL. The girls are back into the school work full swing and I'm just so amazed at what Hannah knows. She just sits there ever so quietly listening to what I'm doing with Holly and sucking it all in. I'll ask Holly a question and often Hannah will beat her to the answer.

Our Easter weekend was busy busy busy!!! Friday was the Friday Cropper night, Saturday mates came over for lunch and then we headed up to the Coast for Dinner for my Dad's 65th (opppss sorry his 21st, I don't have a Dad whose 65 yet!! LOL). We went out to Trader Dukes for dinner and found out they don't do the kids eat free anymore!! What The??? You get my business then you change the game plan??? We then found out that my Sister and her husband had been skiing with Dad that day and wanted him to put the boat in the next day. SKIING!!!!!! No one said we'd be skiing!!! Oh hell, crap, bugger I didn't bring my togs, let alone wetsuit!!! So mad dash back to Brissie that night to get my stuff and up at 6am to go back first thing in the morning. Kids stayed with Mum and Dad while we did the wetsuit mission.

Came back to a poor little sick Alec who was having a lot of coughing and breathing difficulties. Mark took to the medical centre and the Doctor could not tell what his problem was if it was bronchitis or asthma. He gave him the nebuliser which cleared it up and prescribed him some ventalin. We have had him sleeping in the porta cot in our room so we can keep an eye on him and give him a puff if he has a middle of the night coughing fit. The last couple of nights he's been much better but I kind of like having him there so wont rush him back to his room just yet.

So anyway back to the weekend we took the kids to Ice Age 2 Sunday afternoon and came back to Brissie Sunday night. Monday I spent the day shopping with Caryn at Chermside having a cool girlie afternoon. We spent all afternoon going into shop after shop just not really liking anything. Had in my mind what I wanted but it was either ridiculously priced or just very poorly made. So after a cup of hot chocolate I was about to go home defeated, but I saw a shop called Cotton On while we were sitting there and said let's check it out. Well huge sale later and everything I wanted I walked out with 7 items!! As it was just my birthday Ms Caryn insisted she pick up the tab!! What a girl and the best birthday treat ever!! I am just so loving my new tops and shrugs.

So a little photo share for you all. The girls and I were mucking around in the back yard. I had dragged the camera out for to take pictures of Mr Alec, the girls had stuck him in the dozer and were pushing him around. So serious he was, didn't want to get out, but wouldn't smile either cheeky boy. The girls and I couldn't resist getting in front of the camera being idiots either.
I just love Mr Aleco's expressive eyebrows.

All the chocolate's gone, will we ever get over it LOL.

So now it's back to work and school again. Which really for us is not a drama LOL. I love the "settled" feeling that the house has when we are in the weekly grove, the kids behave so much better and life is good. But I do love the craziness of a jam packed weekend :) Been on Chrissy's blog and I think an O'Rielly's trip is in order for this one, Hot Chocolate on their balcony is too much of a tempation I can't resist :)

Hugs to you all & have a great first week back :)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I've been Hijacked!!!

AARRRGGHHHH!!!!!!! Why do kids have to be so computer savvy??!!!

Here I am trying to update my blog change the music etc & here is Holly hovering. Do this Mum, play that one, no I don't like that one, put on Delta, How about Dixie Chicks!!??? "WHO'S BLOG IS THIS???!!!!". So the song I have chosen with Holly's approval is "Beautiful".

Okay so this is the last weekend of holidays & the serious work/school routine starts on Monday. I have 3 goals this term, be better organised, be more motivated with the business & get on a scrapping DT. I'm giving acting and singing a bit of a rest. I just got so exhausted from the last play I did & really can't handle that again until the end of the year. So I am really enjoying my scrapping loving the time and space I have to do it so would love the challenge and commitment from a DT team. I also want to teach here and there but Mark is worried about that limiting our freedom to go places, but my point is we don't go now!!

Here is one of my recent creations. I did this for the Scrap Needs cyber crop challenge. The challenge was have 'complete' in the title, do handwritten journaling & incorporate rub-ons in to the journaling. I also did a page in Penny's CJ which I did at the FC crop and gave it straight to her and didn't get a chance to photograph.
So this weekend is up to the Sunshine Coast for Dad's 65th, over to the farm to check out Mark's family & then having a day of Shopping with Caryn then up to her place to tear around in the buggy and the boys hunt toads. Will have to get some photos of that. I should also make Dad a card and share that too. But must run Jade & JJ are here with lunch so better get it while it's hot.

Enjoy tomorrow everyone and go easy on the eggs!!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I hate to do this but......

I really hate censorship and removal of freedoms etc, but I had to activate the moderate comments feature on the blog. I had someone (not a friend just an idiot wandering out there in the world) use my comments page for advertising. I can't remove the comment and I hate that a blog can be abused this way. So I will post all comments good or bad just not the ones where people try to sabotage someone else's space to advertise crap.

Okay Rant OFF!!

For those of you who would like to leave a comment but don't want it to be public domain, you can leave it and at the bottom say "please do not publish" and I won't. By any chance any wired freaks are popping by my blog and are reading this and you start sending me really sick comments with "do not publish" at the bottom thinking it will remain private, think again.

So your comments aren't disappearing into thin air they just go to my email to say "Publish" or "Delete". So comment away YEAHHHH!!!!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's about time!!

Well so much for being a regular blogger last week!!! What's going on??!! I was going to post about the ski crew and other things & it never happened.

I ended up having a bit of a busy week last week. Thursday was a busy/slack day got a heap of work done in the morning then dropped the kids off & saw V for Vendetta, loved loved loved it!! I'm always up for a bit of conspiracy and action so this was right up my alley :) We arrived 5 min late for the film and I always hate that going in when it's really dark thinking "I don't want to be standing here for too long" so you get in take a quick look and go for the seats as quick as you can. Well I decided back row of the front section was the best bet. So off I dash get half way along the row and think excellent now sit down before you piss people off..... WHAT THE!!!!!! There are no chairs in the middle of the row & I go down like a sack of taters splat in the middle of the theatre frozen coke and popcorn everywhere, rip a hole in my black shawl. (I know my black shawl sob sob I love that thing sob...) Very unlady like of me in my "holy cow what the hell happened moment" say out loud "OOOHHHH SHIT!!!" So much for my quick and quiet no one notice me entrance. So wet bum, ripped shawl & the movie was still excellent. Why is this movie not in the Gold Class I ask, that would have been great.

So movie finished we head off to do an inspection on the Southside on the way to dinner and shooting with Nigel and Caryn. Once a month Thursday night shoots are fun & for those of you out there who don't know "Yes I have a gun license 3 of them in fact" so I have to go to comps to keep them. Mark is the big "Hunter" in the house so for ease of both adults being responsible etc I got my license so I can if I ever have to open the safe and it not be illegal. Anyway I digress, we had dinner at the Glen Hotel and did the shoot at Belmont, because we were doing movie, work, dinner etc I had on my bling shirt (one in all the photos) well the shoot is at night and you have to walk out into the range 100 yards if you shoot the ram and put him back up at the end of the round (metal one not a live one LOL) so I wonder out put my little ram up and when I got back everyone was saying that the spotlight on the range lit my shirt up like you wouldn't believe and I was this silver V walking around out there. Well at least you guys won't shoot me LOL. Next month I want disco music :)

So how you all going, still hanging in there good, this is going to be a long one LOL.

On the weekend we visited my Grandma in hospital, my Grandma is in her 80's doing pretty well for her age still hardly any greys on her head, but she had a case of pneumonia and they put her on IV antibiotics. Granddad was able to stay home with Mum, Kerry & Greg popping in during the day and taking turns to stay the night with him. Sunday was a massive day had so many things to get done in the morning and we were supposed to be at my sisters for lunch and we just kept getting latter and latter the faster and faster we tried to get out the door. I thought we were just having a casual lunch, but when we arrived my whole family was there!! So was great to have lunch with them all. Then off to a kids birthday party then after that we drove to the Coast to have the night and Monday with the kids while Mark did an afternoon inspection at Marcoola. Took the opportunity to insect bomb the place while we were gone.

So here we are at Tuesday. Spent the morning with Chris Millar & Penny so the kidlettes could have a play date and the afternoon working & then an evening run. I'm a bit happy with my running, well as happy as I can be considering I don't go enough. Mark tries to do the same distance faster I was just wanting to do the same distance with less pain, didn't care if I went slower or faster, I just do each run with the "I will not walk" at all mentality and the last two runs I've got to home and said stuff this I'm not finished and kept running. So today I added about another 1/2 klm to the run so very happy with that!!

Well do I end it here I think so, before I forget again the wonderful Chris Millar made me a fancy card which I will share tomorrow. For those of you who are still awake thanks for making it LOL. For all those who pop buy and say "Hi" thank you and for those who do drop by and don't say "Hi" please do I would love know you stopped by :)

Take care & big hugs to you all :)

I'll leave you with some photos of Mr Aleco's first haircut.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Steady as she goes.

Okay not much is happening with life, kids are on holidays, work is picking up and other wise things are pretty cruisy. So not too much to say (I know that's a shock for most of you!). I got my photos from Rachel yesterday so I'll share them with you all :) You've already seen the super close up so I won't go there again LOL.

I took yesterday off as it was a Passover Celebration for us, so spent the day doing not too much. I'm pretty lucky as our Passover Sabath always falls either on or after my birthday so I get some time off around then. So today I've got to get work done this morning, Mark and I are dropping the kids off in the afternoon to Sam's because we have to do our shoot tonight, so we might try to get in a movie this afternoon. So better get the work part started!! Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm 30 !!

Well yesterday was my 30th Birthday. A big thank you to all of you who sent birthday wishes and hoped I had a day full of spoiling and cake!!. It wasn't a day full of fanfare and excitement, but just a nice casual day with not a lot going on. I took the day off work and just had a relaxing day, had a cuppa and chocolate with my neighbor, did some scrapping, had a nice steak for dinner & the girls had a sleepover at Aunty Sams. I was the only girl in the house last night. Mark and Hannah went out and bought me some flowers & Mark helped cook dinner and did all the tidying up for me and made sure I had a steady supply of tea and chocolate at my scrapping desk.

This was my scrapping achievement for my birthday. That scrapping space of mine must be working as I got the doodling happening and this is the first time I've actually doodled on to the LO itself not on an embellishments that can be done over if I go wrong. I had wanted to use a white gel pen, but the pen & I were having issues so I found a pencil that gave me a similar effect. I also started to alter some shelves.

Tonight I'm going out to dinner with all the Friday Croppers, Penny & Tracey from the group had their Birthday last week, so we all try to make sure we have a night out this time of year to celebrate together. On Friday I'll have a BBQ and it's also Holly's Birthday on Friday so we'll share our party :)
So there you go that's 30 for you LOL. I think I like 30, just old enough that you feel like you've been an adult long enough to be taken seriously, but still young enough to have no excuses to not get out there and enjoy life! But hey if I can be anything like the ski crew when I'm older I have nothing to worry about. I'll do a post later in the week about those guys.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

It's Done!!!

YEAHHH!!! I have a scrapping space!!! Finally it's all together and done! I got everything from IKEA on the Thursday and dumped it all in the room and it looked like a bomb had hit. I had the cropper girls here friday night for our crop so the room got ignored on the Friday and by Saturday afternoon, was getting a bit fed up that nothing else had happened. I got the stubbon cranky streak going and decided it was going to happen, time would not wait for Mark and I would do it on my own. So I got stuck in and put the shelves up on the wall by my self. So today with no more excueses of "I need the shelves up" I got stuck in and gave everything a home :) So it's basically finished, over time I'll alter the containers to give it a bit more of a "me" feel.

The desk on the left is my work desk and the one in the middle and to the right is for cropping

Main cropping desk with those shelves. The embelishement continer on the right (brown drawers) is only half it's potential size, I have another 21 little drawers before I run out of room :) That was a pressie from a mate who cleaned out his garage and thought they might be good for my cropping obsession. Those drawers are just the best :)

Paper storage, hopefully will get some vertical storage containers and move it up out of little peoples reach.

Basket with stamps, punches etc. Little Mr Alec got stuck in here head first trying to get everythign out. Should have been a camera moment but the poor fella was really freaking out.