Friday, May 05, 2006

I've been tagged!!

Okay Miss Millar has guilted me into being a slack blogger this last week LOL. And as punishment has tagged me so I’ll update my blog. I know I have been a slack blogger this week, sorry everyone who has visited and gone “Dang, same stuff, bugger!!”.

So last Friday the girls school teacher from Groves Mr Healey came for a visit to see how we were doing. Well we passed with flying colours and was so reassuring to know we are headed along the right path. He made some origami fish with the kids and on Monday we gave them scales and eyes to finish them off.

I had a little bit of an embarrassing moment on Wednesday. I was having one of those silly mornings of having wonderful plans but not getting any of them achieved. I had a massive pile of washing on the rug to fold, I still hadn’t vacuumed under the table & the sink still had the breakfast dishes in it and the table was piled high with school work. At 11:30 I still hadn’t made it out of my PJ’s. I thought there was a chance to salvage the day so I went to get changed to tackle the challenge. Thought if I was at least out of my PJ’s then I was off to a good start. Well in the middle of getting changed the phone rang, so I’m sitting in my office in just a T-Shirt and undies chatting on the phone, when my neighbor decides to pop over. Well she’s not one to really knock and just waltzes in the back door right into the disaster zone and the kids tell her I’m in the office. So next thing I have my neighbor come right into my office me sitting there only half dressed and the two of us looking at each other like dear caught in the headlights. The quickest visit she ever made LOL. I told Mark when he got home and he laughed and said she probably thinks our household has gone to hell in a hand basket. I just thought, well that’s what you get for not knocking!!! I also think the back door might need locking during the day LOL.

Okay so I’d better do Miss Millar’s tag.

What’s in my……

Fridge –

Breakfast spreads
Butter & Milk both real not fake stuff
Fruit & Veg
Fresh batch of cupcakes

Closet –

Belts & Handbags

Handbag –


Car –

Street Directory
Kids shoes
Snatch ‘em

DVD / Video Player –

Into The Woods
Arlington Road
Blackhawk Down
All the Pixar Films
Ice Age
Other kids ones.

I’m Tagging…..

Kelley and Kirst.

This weekend we have a big Picnic with the other Groves' home schoolers & Mark's birthday on Sunday. So should be fun weekend :)

Well that’s it for today. Better organize lunch for the masses.

Take care everyone & a big thank you to all those who have left comments. Sorry I don’t reply individually to them all, wish I had more time to do that, but they do mean a lot. Thanks & Hugs.