Thursday, March 27, 2008

Procrastination & Creating

It's cold, it's wet, I'm procrastinating lol. I have only set myself of 1 job today, the kids are doing thier school, then were having the rest of the day off. I'm taking my laptop sitting with the kids and watching movies for the rest of the day while I digi scrap. Sounds like a cool plan. Somewhere in there will be a "little bit" of housework, but otherwise we are chillin' baby.

Holly bought home a game from Girls Brigade that I used to do as a kid. You write down a boys name, fold it over and pass it on to the next person and so on. You have a story where no one knows what came before or comes after. She played it with Mark and I and listening to her giggles as she read out the stories were priceless.

Here's what we came up with.

Josh and Penelopy were kissing. He said "I love you" she said "You're freaking me out!!" and then he fell off the bridge.

Dan & Ashley were walking the dog. He said "Stop" she said "I love you too!" and then she stopped him.

Cedric & Susan were playing he said "You're a freak!!" she said "Why" and then she fell off a cliff.

I don't know what Holly & Mark were thinking with the falling off cliffs and bridges!!

Holly and I had another turn: Dan and Francis were laughing, he said "I have a sore toe" Francis said "Keep still" then his toe fell off.

A pretty cool game to play with young ones that can write.

Look at what we got!!! A new car!! Well new for us. We are making it our mission this year to get out of debt, so far so good. Part of the plan is to sell the Fairlaine and get a cheap 7 seater. Well God provided the cheap 7 seater. We flew to Sydney to get it and drove it home. Do you think we can keep the kids out of it!! They have the choice of the Explorer or this one & they want "The Beast". We put bigger wider tyers on her and she's even more beastie! Or as Mark would say "Those tyers make her look horn!".

Last year we did some "Crown Financial Ministries" work and just knew that God's desire for us and money is to be debt free (apart from getting a home) back then we said "Right the Failaine has to go!" and then did nothing about it. With the change in the financial climate, we started reassesing and all those lessons were learnt last year and decisions made that we did nothing about came back to us. I was feeling so bad for not having been faithful to something we knew God had directed us to do. So I grabed Mark told him again what the plan was and realised why we hadn't put the Fairlaine on the market. We didn't trust God that we could find a reliable 7 seater in our price range. So I said "What could hurt to look" so we looked and as long as we were willing to leave QLD and go to NSW there were plenty in our price range. I put up a prayer request for us to find one under $5000. & This is what we found. We sent a guy to check it out for us and his report came back really positive so we talked the yard down to $4850 and did the deal. That was Thursday, on Monday we were on a plane to pick her up. A great friend Tracey who I have met through Scrap of Faith and has been such an encouragment and wise counsel for us lived just down the road from the car yard, so we were able to meet her and while Mark worked on the car (oil change etc before the big drive) Tracey and I got to do what we do best, Talk!!

We finally got on the road and needed to make it to Coffs Harbour for our accomodation & then trouble started. The car started overheating and we weren't even out of Sydney!! We pulled over and while Mark had the bonnet up I stood there with my hands on the car and praying for the over heating to be fixed and for God to show Mark where the issue was. Well straight away the car cooled and we got on with it and it didn't overheat again!! Finally we are on the highway to Newcastle and Mark realises he didn't check tyre pressure so pulls off to find a servo. The car starts stalling!! Everytime Mark hits the break it stalls!! While I had been praying I had an overwheming sensation that there was a problem in the right of the car. I had no idea why I would feel that, kind of was a bit "nervous" about that feeling and said nothing. Now that the car was stalling all the time, I looked over at Mark and said "Could there be a problem in the right side of the car that's causing this" He said "Why?" I said "Just yes or no" He said "Yeah their could be" I then told him what happened while I was praying. We finally find a servo and Mark is looking in the area I said. Another guy arrives and keeps telling Mark to look in all these other places. Mark was politely taking the advice but ignoring it. He found the problem in the throttle cable that wasn't holding a valve open properly which was in the area I told him to look. Correction WHERE GOD TOLD HIM TO LOOK!! The car has driven perfectly since then!!! Now to sell the Fairlaine!! Any body want a great sedan? The only reason we are selling it is because we want out of debt and a 5 seater car and 7 person family isn't really practical. Mark loves the car and is sad to sell, but he knows it's what we need to do.

Now that we have two 4 wheel drives, I'm praying that our dream of a the farm will be come a reality soon!

Besides The Beast I have more great news. Scrap of Faith is growing we have cool blog happening and we have increased our design team. We welcome the beautiful and talanted ladies, Katie Toland & Beverley Warwick!! So looking forward to all the things we have planed especially the retreat in November!! Keep watching the blog as we will be updating the competition details to win a free retreat package.

& I've taken up digi with a passion!! I love it! I still like traditional, but just don't have the time or space for the mess. It takes me about 2 hrs to do a traditional on a good day, 1/2 hr for a digi, and I can do it in bed!! I was going to enter a digi comp at Designer Digital, prize was guest DT for a month and free access to all the designs. I thought "Yes" perfect for the budget, but then I prayed and felt I had to wait for what God wanted not persue something that I wanted. So I let it go. A couple of days later Rowena Field from Willro&co designs asks if I would be on the creative team for her!!! "OH YES!!!" Ro & her whole Creative Team are Christians and together we are spreading the word through our work. An extension of what I'm doing with Scrap of Faith. I just love it!! So I join Gayle Smith, Terrie, Dawn & Ali Winchester creating for Ro. I think she's gonna wished she never asked, I have so many ideas for boy kits hehe.

You can find Ro's kits here:

Mark's in boy heaven! He finally went hunting over the Easter weekend and the three of them are already planing the next one. I miss him like crazy when he's gone, but I know that he is God's son more than he is my husband so God has it all in his care. I love seeing him when he gets back, all "tough manly" looking and I love the time out that the kids and I take together. Mitch and I did have a melt down at one point, but hey one freak out over 4 days alone with 5 kids was pretty cool I thought. We even went to Target!! I can't tell whether I am brave or insane, or perhaps living with God's strenght!!

So I'll leave you all with some recent digi creations. I'm having fun :D