Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A face lift or a faith lift????

Scrap of Faith has had a face lift!! I came up with a new logo for the newsletter header and the feedback about it was good & Nattie suggested just having it as the header for everything. I like it :D
So we've had a face lift how about you come visit and get a Faith Lift :D

AND it's our Birthday!!! YEHAHH!!! Perferct pressie for our first birthday, nice new happy colours!!

In November we are having a charity crop day to raise money for Mercy Ministries. They help young women who are struggling find hope and a future. The next two weeks I'll be busy securing sponsors for this event.

So far though the entry is $20 and you get a calico bag full of goodies and LOTS of giveaways on the day. Check out the info HERE

Plus we finally got the August Newsletter out. Grab a cuppa & have a read

Not much going on in the Clifford house except school, work & Scrap of Faith. July to October is a bit full on with those things for us. Makes the Summer Holidays all the more blisfull! Oh the "highlight" if you call it that would be getting my wisdom teeth out!! My confession is "It has been 14 years since I have seen a dentist!" I had LOTS of opperations in my mouth as a 10 year old then braces from 11 to 13. By 17 I was SO over dentitsts. Well my top wisdom teeth came through and they were so far back and awkward I couldn't brush them properly and they were starting to hurt. Silly old me would rather face the pain then go visit a dentist. Finally I gave in and Mark & I prayed before I went in and I prayed whilst getting the needles. & I can't belive I'm saying this, but, It was actually great! Troy the dentist is really easy going and puts you at ease & I actually walked out of there laughing. If you live in Brisbane & want a good dentist, visit TROY here. If you want a wonder cure for getting over the fear of needles, check out God :D

Well that's it for now, just a quick one :-) Stay safe & happy.

Things I'm thankful for right now:
1. God
2. The newsletter is out
3. The beautiful SoF DT who work hard every month
4. The rain we had
5. My husband
6. Friends with great sponsorship advice.
7. Getting my teeth out
8. Life :-)
9. All our provisions are met

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I'm still alive!!! Really I am!!

Well time flies when you're having fun & given how time has flown since my last post I must be having a lot of it ;-)

But before go on, go and click play on my new song. I just love this song and brings both Mark & I to tears. It's called "Letters From War" by Mark Schultz. Love this one!!

Okay six months WOW!! what's been happening? I think I'll go dot point so this update doesn't go in the "to hard basket".

* I have a crawling, happy go lucky baby!!! Cowps is just such a little piece of heaven on earth!! He has been just a wonderful bubby and such a little charmer, ever so smiley & ever so snugly. He's terribly cute when you put him to bed, before he even reaches the mattress he assumes the sleep position, legs tucked under, head to the side, thumb in the mouth. Eyes are closed as soon as you lay him down. Just to cute my little darling.

* The weather has been so great and we have been going down to the park near the sales centre at North Lakes of a weekend for lunch and to go eel and turtle spotting! The kids think it's just great and all of us will hang around for ages just peering into the water for a chance to see one LOL. or trying to find them when they swim under the deck. Even Alec gets in on the action!!

* I cut my hair! Oh yeah I cut my hair!! Now for those who really know me this is a BIG DEAL! Mark loves long hair & I mean really loves long hair and after me taking 19 years to grow it long, I was happy to keep it long. I love long hair too. Mark would often joke that the only way I would ever get a divorce would be to cut off my hair. Well the hair got cut off and we're still married!! So why is it gone you ask? Well I don't like making private things public, but I am all for giving God the Glory. I wont give details, but our marriage really got taken through the fire and if we didn't love God and fix our eyes on him then we wouldn't be here today. Things happened in the past that I'm not proud of and through Christ's redeeming blood I became renewed and to show God & Mark my true heart, I wanted an outward showing that the old me is gone and only the new me is moving forward. Nothing of the old girl left so even the hair that was on my head when the old me was around was cut off. Mark was shocked to say the least, but he understood and to show he was serious about the two of us both moving forward together in Christ he shaved his hair off too!! We burnt the old hair and offered up our life to Christ to mould and use us for his service. I love my husband, he is my best mate, my true love and I am just so proud to be called Mrs Clifford and that we are in life together.

* Scrap of Faith has changed!! We now do a newsletter every month, and just did our first one & the next one is out soon!! Check it out here. We're also organising a Charity crop & a retreat!!! All details are in the newsletter! But we're moving in new directions and really excited!! I love Scrap of Faith :-) And we're 1!!! Can you believe that!! Yep we're 1 year old this month!

* I have two girls who can read!! Yeah So awesome to walk the school journey with them and see these milestones reached! I'm just so proud of my girls. They have big hearts and try so hard. Holly tells me that when she is older she wants to do "Kingdom work" for God. Hannah has started making her own song and dance routines and all of them are about her love for God. Tonight at dinner Holly, Hannah & Mitchell were saying that the kids are going to form a band and their first album is going to be called "Angel". At the moment they are all going to play guitar LOL. Alec doesn't know it, but they have allocated him the drums. Hmm Looks like that leaves Cowps to be on Keyboard LOL

* Work has just been flat out!! I prefer to be busy than have nothing to do, but this has been crazy!!! Some weeks I have no idea what direction is up or down?? But we're getting there and we're thankful for the work that is coming in and trying to make hay while the sun shines and store up for the quiet summer months. I pray this year we can really take the two weeks off, be on top of the work and not have a care in the world. We've been telling the kids that we want to save up for a full camping set up so we have the freedom to go away whenever without breaking the bank.

Well I need to go to bed LOL. I have an early start in the morning so I can try to get out for a coffee with the lovely Chris Millar and Co. It has been forever since I have caught up with my pals IRL so it's a much looked forward to morning.
Catch up soon. & I'll try not to make it 6 months this time.