Sunday, July 30, 2006

Check this out

Another post before the month is out, what has gotten into me???

Well I want you all to go check out this site that I got inspired to create. It's a work in progress but hopefully the work and the progress will happen quickly and we'll have it looking mighty flash and inspiring really soon.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Can't have only 1 for the month!!!!

Okay there is no way I am going to let July go with only 1 post so I had better get this one in!!!

Okay so what has been going on for July?? well let me think

- Did my entry for Masters, yep left it till the last weekend
- Did an entry for Memories & More Search for A DT comp, left that till the last day!!!
- Started going back to Church
- Had a glorious blessing way for Jacqui's new baby due in August
- Started volounteering at Girls Brigade as a Uniform Shop Lady & floating helper in the classes.
- Finally my morning sickness left!!!
- Got in trouble from the doctor for being too relaxed about this pregnancy!
- Back to School with kidletts!!!
- Oh and got more school texts and work books, very exiting in this house LOL.

So now it's the end of the month. Feeling seriously lacking in Iron, tierd and lazy when I shouldn't be LOL. So far we have been spared winter sickness in our house, only Mark has been affected and that was only mild, so hopefully August wont bring any nasty surprises.

And now I sit and wait hoping that I might be one of the lucky 100 to get a phone call from Scrapbooking Memories!! If not I can finally share what I did. I hate doing stuff and not being able to share it any where!!!!!

So as for sharing here's my last LO I did.

I Just love a cooked breakfast, don't have time for one every day, but around 3 times a week I'll have one.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Shameless Plug

Well here I am blogging to get in two shameless plugs. 1 for me Yeah!!! and 1 for Ngaire Bartlam's fantastic fundrasing efforts for Breast Cancer.

So first of all my shameless plug. Click here to check out my contribution to the SN newsletter. Both Lib Morris and I got to be Guest DT this month and the two of us had such a great time creating for the newsletter. I am sooooo jealous of anyone who gets to do DT stuff every month. Guess a regular spot is my next 2006 scrap goal. Here's a sneak peek, but really get over to Scrap Needs check out the other awesome work done by the DT and get inspired. And while you're there have a shop, Kell has the freindliest service and fastest turn around on orders I have ever seen and such a beautiful range of product in her shop.

Next get yourself over to Ngaire's blog and check out the amazing fundraising effort she has got going on for Breast Cancer. She has got some awesome talant in Australian Scrapping donating prizes and some wonderful product up for grabs also. Do me a favour and check it out. My wonderful DH and beautiful children are without a Mum and Grandma because of this horrible disease called Breast Cancer, so just for me go and support Ngaire's efforts in trying to raise money to beat this disease.