Monday, November 28, 2005

Did we just have a weekend?

Wow what a weekend. The drama behind this whirlwind weekend all started in the middle of last week. I had the weekend of all weekends planned. Dance Class, Play on Saturday and rehearsal on Sunday and just to add more to it an audition on Saturday. Well Mark comes to me on Tuesday and says he wants to go hunting this weekend. Hang on you want to WHAT??? I start thinking of all the plans made and possibly now get unmade so he can go hunting. Well as you can imagine there was a bit of protest from my side about all the short notice etc etc. In then end I decided to give up on the protest take a different tact, find some babysitters and do the weekend as planned, I thought this to be the better option than having a sulky husband for the weekend.

So this weekend has been an absolute whirlwind. Dance class and kids at Caboolture, then kids to Mitchelton so I can audition at Kelvin Grove, then back to Mum & Dads at Mitchy then back to Kelvin Grove for the play & then finally home to Narangba on Sunday for a morning of house cleaning and an afternoon of rehearsals.

So how did everything go? The kids and I are alive and still happy LOL, but it all went too fast. Dancing was great, the teacher wants me to join in at the concert next Saturday, but only after 2 lessons I'm passing on that one. The audition, well I'm supposed to find out today so fingers crossed. But big thrill of all thrills. While at the play Saturday night which was called "I Love You You're Perfect Now Change" and the best play I saw all year and just soo funny, I ran into a lady who directs plays on the northside and she asked me if I was interested in acting in a play she is doing called "The Odd Couple" I said yeah sure call me I'll come and audition. Well yesterday she calls and says, no need to audition if you want to do it it's yours. OH MY GOD as an actor that has to be just the BEST!!!!! So great play to watch and I got an acting gig!!! We then went off for coffee afterwards up at Paddington which was lovely.

On Sunday I was up at the crack of dawn (thanks kids, just love that!!) and headed home to clean etc. Chris turned up around 2:30 for rehearsal and ended up using my computer to keep plugging away at working out chords etc for some more songs. He did that till dinner while I was pottering around doing more laundry etc. The kids had a great night mucking around and having dinner with "Curly" Afterwards we did some singing and you know me talking talking and more talking. So now it's Monday I'm buggered, I think I need a weekend LOL.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

One of those days.

Well today has been one of those days. I had promised Cassie that I would get all four Circle Journals to her in the mail so I was up late doing those for her last night. This morning Mark had to go out so I was home alone with the four to do some serious work and try to watch them. So I thought I'll set up the laptop at the dining room table so I can be with them not tucked up in my office. Well today is the day Hannah and Mitchell decided to fight over everything (lots of go sit on your bed time today) I set up old magazines so they could do cutting out and Mitch just freaked out over that.

So finally the afternoon is here, Mark is back, H&M are sleeping, Holly is doing school work and Alec is crawling around happy. So as much as I got some pretty big work things done this morning I have a job to finish this afternoon and all I can do is think about having a nap. No stuff it the job I'm doing now it can wait I'm going to go have a nap before the dragon in me decides it has to come out. As long as I'm awake to head off for my singing lesson all is good.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Another weekend gone.

Wow what a day. It's amazing how well you can function and keep it together on little sleep. I was so totally not successful in cleaning the house last night. I tidied a little, ignored the laundry and ended up watching a couple of movies while I waited for Mark to come home. Poor thing he went to a very blokey party where all he was fed was steak. No salad, no rolls, just steak. Anyway he got in at midnight and went to bed I was sucked into another movie and finally made it there myself at 2:30am. Got woken by the phone at 6:30am!!!

With Mark gone for the day today the kids and I set about the task of cleaning the house. Sorry who am I kidding, the kiddies don't help LOL. I cleaned and tried to keep peace between Hannah & Mitchell who can be the best of friends and worst of enemies. I also checked out airfares and such for my Scrapping Retreat in March. After lunch I got the two gremlins down for a nap and by this stage Mark had returned with Nigel and Caryn and we had a nice girly chat.

Around 4pm Chris arrived for our duo rehearsal and he stayed for dinner. The girls were especially cute dancing and giggling while we played. Dinner was great & Mark & Chris had lots of fun giving me a ribbing about what do women do on a scrapping retreat. When it came time to go to bed the girls asked if "Curly" (their nickname for him) could come and watch them go to bed. While saying their prayers they said "And thank you God for Curly". It's great to know that they are comfortable around our adult friends. At around 10pm after lots of wine, tea & talking Curly left.

So here I am about to head off to bed. Looks like an "early" night tonight.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Let's get this started!

Wow, here we go starting a blog. I've never kept a diary, but boy can I talk so blogging shouldn't be hard right?

I'm a mum of 4 darlings all under the age of six, Miss Holly, Miss Hannah, Mr Mitchell & Little Alec Bubba. My husband and I call them our gooses and they are the most amazing bunch of kids, a real blessing to the two of us. My life is pretty hectic, we run our own business, home school our kids & for my outlet I sing, act, water ski, scrapbook & the latest too the list is Latin Dancing.

Today has been a real lazy Saturday for us. Woke up at 8:30am took the kids to swimming lessons and spent the afternoon scrapping and watching movies. Tonight its cleaning and washing YEHA!! No if anyone can tell me a super fast way to get the laundry for 6 people done I'm all ears. Does the pile ever shrink?

Well hungry tummies beckon and life goes on.

Sal :)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

AAARRGGHHH This is addictive!!!

Wow, only day 1 and look at me 2 posts!!!!

This evening has been one of those evenings. Mark's at a mates place, very late dinner (take away, I hate it when I cave) and kiddies not in bed till 9:00pm. I still haven't got to that house cleaning and washing yet. Talk about procrastination!!! I'm the queen of procrastinating. I think I'll do a quick tidy up and leave the main stuff till morning. I've warned the girls we're up for cleaning tomorrow. Mark has to go out for the morning so we'll get stuck into it while he's gone. I've got a duo rehearsal here tomrrow evening so I can't have a messy house can I?

I've had some private emails demanding "Where are the photos?" LOL. So I'll put a few up, will try to update them as often as I can.

Oh and some exciting news, I've booked the next scrapping/girly weekend for March on the NSW Central Coast. Should be an excellent weekend away. We've extended it for an extra day so we have a day after the scrapping retreat to shop get massages etc. Oh I could almost start counting the days already.

Well enough procrastination, off to attend to the house.