Thursday, June 08, 2006

Oh Pooh Bum!!!!!

Well my little photo challange is going to have to wait. I can't get that photo up no matter how hard I try!!! So I'm going to have to wait for Mark to post it on a hidden page on our site and link it. So that challange to come.

So this week I have been working really well. I have given myself detention and set up my laptop on the spare desk in Mark's office so he can make sure I don't procrastinate, so so far so good. I actually like being in the same office with Mark so looks like my office will become even more of a cropping room. Just have to tidy it up now.

There are two things in my life that I am ashamed of, my bedroom & my office. They are total disasters, even the kids tell me to clean them up. I read a book about different personalities and what it said about mine was, I am often well groomed when going out and look like a really together person, but if you saw where I got changed you would freak. Well yep that's me to a t "Sparky Sanguine". I just really really really hate house work!! It's not fun!!! Who want's to do stuff that is not fun after a day of work??!! Now if there is anybody out there who cannot understand my loathing of housework then you're just freaky!!! But you can come and do my house any day!!!

Okay while I'm at it I'll divulge my other secrets that I shouldn't really be too proud of.

1. I'm an email addict send/recive, send/recive, send/recive
2. I like to drive FAST!!!!!
3. I procrastinate
4. Will send Alec to Mark to get a his pooey nappies changed. "What he's done a poo again??!!! You're kidding me!!!" hehehehehe.
5. And I think every other scrapper shares this one, I spend more on product than what I actually need!! Although this year I have really been good on that one.

So this leads me to wonder what would you spend $27 Million on if you won last Saturday's million. Here's my wish list.

1. Gift some to family
2. Buy a house
3. Buy a property out west
4. Invest
5. Trust funds for the kids
6. Keep a little aside for a few luxuries, new car, home theatre, ski boat, caravan, clothes, scrapping supplies, and wardrobe systems for all the cupboards in the new house oh and a holiday. If things were invested properly then when all the kids were older we would do a big overseas trip with them. And I forget I would love to be able to afford a house keeper/nanny.

So that's my mega wish list. What's yours?

Oh well I am procrastinating right now. Work is calling so must answer LOL.

Take care all

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Oh Boy how many death threats can a girl get for not updating her blog??? So for fear of my life here's an update!!!! But in all seriousness it is flattering for people to email me and say "Can we have an update please". Okay no, sorry I was being polite there, they really go more like "UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!!!"

Okay so I really really do have a good excuse for not being a good blogger and now my Mum knows I can tell you all, yep I'm pregnant. I have just been sooooooo unmotivated to do anything, things I love doing I just look at and go "Nah, later"... This is so not me & I must admit I'm having a hard time dealing with this!!! So does anyone know how to get Mojo Back & no not the team on the Amazing Race I would like to loose that Mojo, but my Mojo for life??? The only thing I can muster the energy to do is flop in front of the TV at night & I HATE TV!!! I even know the people's names on Big Brother!!!!! What has my life come too?????

So what's been neglected that I normally love due to pregnancy hormones-
1. My hair and clothes, I look like a slob!!!
2. Blogging
3. Scrapping (and now is not the time to be Mojo Less with a DT job this month!!!)
4. Sex!!
5. Exercise (sorry, I used to go running and skiing... REALLY???)
6. Schooling (just doing the bare necessities no extras)
7. Going out.
Things I don't Love but must do that have slumped.
1. Work (not good!!! jobs coming in, but I have to get them out!!!)
2. House work (Who cares LOL)

So Baby I'm telling you know "STOP SAPPING MY MOJO"!! and hey you had better turn out to be one cool kid, from all this Mojo sapping you are doing buddy. The little blighter is even due on New Years Eve!!! So what's a bet this is the first bubby of mine that ever arrives on it's due date. Now I could handle that if it get's the First baby born in 2007 title, then it could be forgiven.

So My first plan of attack is to clean up my office, get it a bit organised so work won't look like such a huge Mission. I think I might ask my Mum if I can palm the kids off to her for a couple of days next week so I can just get my head around work without worrying about them. I'm also thinking I might have to move my work stuff to the spare desk in Mark's office so I don't spend my time procrastinating with temptations, such as the Forum, email & stuff.

So there you have it I have been a slack blogger due to a Mojo Sapping Baby!!

Oh and email me baby names, after naming 4 kids Mark and I are totally at loss on even thinking of names that we remotely like for the 5th.. Can I just be like Michael Jackson and reuse a name, Perhaps Holly the 2nd or Mitchell the 2nd, or hey Blanket is a winner!!!!

So photos to share, I'm going to set a weekly challenge to everyone who reads this blog. I want you to share the following photos and tell us a bit about it. First week I want a photo of you pre 10, Week 2 a photo 10 - 15, Week 3 Senior High school, Week 4 18yrs, Week 5 21yrs, Week 6 your wedding. So I will start with my Pre 10 photo. Sorry about the quality, but old scanned photos aren't the best. It's of me and my sisters at the Lookout in Cardwell where we grew up. I'm the yongest & just gotta love those tight tight shorts and knee high socks, I was sooooooo cool LOL.

Sorry I cannot for the life of me get that photo to upload. I'll try putting it as it's own post. ARRGGHH!! Blogger!!!!!